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Bankstown CBD

Liberty Physiotherapy are physiotherapists and soft tissue experts located in the Bankstown CBD. Our Physios treat common injuries such as sciatic nerve, bursitis, back pain, carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow and more. We’ve helped countless patients relieve aches, pain and discomfort.

Our physiotherapy clinic strives to resolve all your sports, work, and personal related injuries. We offer a highly tailored approach to your treatment plan. Patients usually feel the difference immediately.  Often there is little need for lifestyle or training breaks.
We take pride in solving complex and persistent injuries. Even when conventional treatments have failed in the past.

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Our Neurodynamic approach

Bankstown CBD

At Liberty Physiotherapy we pride ourselves on being able to treat the cases that others can’t. Very often other treatment providers have overlooked the role of the nervous system in the assessment and delivery of treatment to a client due to its complex nature. The reality is that our nerves play a major role in pain modulation, with nerve tissue being very sensitive and delicate compared to the toughness of muscle tissue. At Liberty Physio our experts have a deep understanding of the body’s nervous system and are fine tuned in being able to identify different types of nerve pain. So if you’ve been experiencing pain and restriction for the past few weeks which won’t go away with traditional treatment methods, it could be possible you may be experiencing some form of nerve pain.

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Shock Wave Therapy (SWT)

Bankstown CBD

Shock Wave Therapy (SWT) is a new proven treatment for acute pain, trigger point, tendon and chronic injuries. It’s also considered as a therapy of last resort before surgery.
Research shows it’s effective for plantar fasciitis or foot pain, tennis elbow, shoulder, hamstring injuries and more.

It uses a high intensity sound wave to stimulate your body’s healing process. This technology doesn’t use ultrasound or electrical pulses. Like our other treatments, it’s non-surgical and non-invasive.
Our proven therapy mix combined with our expertise in the musculoskeletal system, give us a powerful edge in treating your aches and pains.

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The Liberty Physio DIFFERENCE

Our team of highly experienced physiotherapists is committed to providing you with results:

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Our Clinic


Level 1
Suite 29
256 Chapel Road
Bankstown NSW 2200


(02) 9793 9031


Monday:         9am – 6pm
Tuesday:         9am – 6pm
Wednesday:   9am – 6pm
Thursday:       9am – 6pm
Friday:            9am – 6pm
Saturday:        8am – 3pm

Out of hours appointments available by request.

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